The Noble Science

14th & 15th April 2018

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The Noble Science

The Noble Science is dedicated to highlighting the very best in European Fighting Systems, and has both experienced Coaches, as well as giving up and coming Instructors a platform for their art.

The Art of Bare Knuckle Boxing as it was practiced in the Regency era by such greats as Jimmy Figg, Jack Broughton, and Daniel Mendoza
The Violent Art of Catch As Catch Can is one of the most devastating and effective grappling systems currently being taught. Origninating in Lancashire England this art is the ultmate in traditional Wrestling systems.
A traditional form of close grip westling as practiced in Sctoland. Taught by one of the best there is. Kilts are completely optional!

I attended my first Noble Sciences just recently and found a welcoming group dedicated to sharing what they know and helping everyone to learn. Coming from the “main stream” martial arts of kickboxing and bjj as well as HEMA swords, I now have the Unarmed HEMA bug. Can’t wait for the next one.

Jason L Cook

The Noble Science

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