22nd and 23rd October 2016

The best Instructors of the best of European unarmed combat systems.

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The Noble Science is dedicated to highlighting the very best in European Fighting Systems, and has both experienced Coaches, as well as giving up and coming Instructors a platform for their art..

Early 20th Century Ju Jitsu with special regard to the techniques taught and used by the women's suffrage movement
France has a long and detailed wrestling history with its own unique style. I've been trying to get a session on this since the event started, and this time I have managed it!
Sue Kirk has been teaching WWII combatives for many years and this is our first opportunity to get to see her uniquely practical take on this devastating system of unarmed combat.

I attended my first Noble Sciences just recently and found a welcoming group dedicated to sharing what they know and helping everyone to learn. Coming from the “main stream” martial arts of kickboxing and bjj as well as HEMA swords, I now have the Unarmed HEMA bug. Can’t wait for the next one.

Jason L Cook