On the 30th September 2017 The Noble Science is coming to Bristol


Mark Randall

Mark Randall

Starting at 10am at Colossal HQ this one off session will start with a brief warm up, followed stright by a class on Classical Pugilism taught by Mark Randall.

Mark has been a regular instructor at The Noble Science since its inception. He has a long and varied background in martial arts, with instructor level qalifications in several arts. But over the last decade he has cemented himself as one of the UK’s foremost experts on the art of Classical Pugilism.

He has a special interest in the life and times of Danie Mendoza, one of the greatest pugilists to step into the ring, and due to this his sessions always have a historical authenticity not found elsewhere.

His sessions are always practically based, and involve both drills and light sparring, and so groin guards, Gumshields, and MMA style gloves are strongly recommended.



James "The Colossus" Thompson

James “The Colossus” Thompson

There will be a brief lunch break, and then we will start again with a session from James “The Colossus” Thompson.

James is one of the most famour names and faces in UK MMA. He was a true pioneer, travelling around the world and pitting himself against some of the greatest fighters when most people hadn’t even heard of Mixed Martial Arts. He was a regular in PRIDE Fighting Championships, where his aggressive “Gong and Dash” made him a firm favourite with the crowds.

James has been training in a variety of striking and grappling arts for many years, and has been putting his abilities to the test at the highest level since his debut fight in January 2003.

In this session The Colossus will be teaching dirty boxing and Clinchwork.You shouldn’t need anything new for this session.



Martin "Oz" Austwick

Martin “Oz” Austwick

The third session of the day will be taught by Martin “Oz” Austwick who is the creator of the Noble Science events and the Chief Instructor of the English Martial Arts Academy.

Oz has been studying traditional forms of wrestling for many years and has studied with some of the greatest wrestling coaches in the world, including the late Billy Robinson, Wade Schalles, Marty Jones, and Josh Barnett (It’s how he met James). His focus for some years has been Traditional Lancashire Catch as Catch Can, but in this session he will be teaching Cornish Hugg Wrestling from Sir Thomas Parkyns’ 1727 instructional book. This is a loose hold system that focusses on throws and takedowns from standing, and as such fits perfectly with both the Classical Pugilism or the first session, and the clinch work of the second.

There will also be an opportunity to spend some time looking at an original copy of this innovative and ground breaking work.

Places at this incredible session are strictly limited and so it is recommended that you book your place as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out.