Martin “Oz” Austwick

This is me! – Oz

20140406-Austwick-03I’m Oz, and I’ve been involved in HEMA for 20 years now. I run the English Martial Arts Academy where I teach Elizabethan English Backsword, Classical Pugilism, and Traditional Wrestling. I’m a founder member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition, and have taught all across the Europe and the USA. I run the Noble Science event as well as a number of online courses and was invited to teach at the first International Pugilism Symposium in Rockford Illinois last year.

I have been lucky enough to have trained in Catch as Catch can under Billy Robinson, Josh Barnett, Marty Jones, Wade Schalles and Roy Wood and am certified to Level 3 in the Sceintific Wrestling Program. Along the way I have had my butt kicked by some very impressive fighters, including one or two also teaching at this event.