Scott Mellia

I met Scott while training in Traditional Catch as Catch Can Wrestling.  He has an interest in pugilism so we got talking.  This will be his second time teaching at The Noble Science, and his first class was possibly my favourite class of all time.  You really don’t want to miss the opportunity to train with this guy, he rocks! – Oz


Backhold Wrestling InstructorScott Mellia is a Full Instructor at Combat Ready Gym in Edinburgh.  He is a Muhammed Ali Certified Boxing coach, but it is in wrestling where his true talent lies.  He is one of the few coaches teaching Traditional Scottish Backhold Wrestling in a practical and effective manner.  He has won medals at a number of major events, such as The Scottish Backhold Championships, The Angus Backhold Championship,  The FILC European Celtic wrestling championship, and Submission Grappling at Caledonian Combat.

Not only is he immensely skilled at Backhold, but he is also a skilled Catch Wrestler having trained at the world famous Snakepit Gym in Wigan, and is rated as one of the highest level practioners of Viking Glima in the UK by Lars Magnar Enoksen.