Tommy Moore

Tommy came along to the Noble Science and it was immediately obvious he was a skilled martial artist. I asked him what he did and it turned out he was a Silver Glove at Savate. So I asked him to come back and teach for us. I’m really pleased he said yes! – Oz

Tommy Moore at The Noble ScienceI’m Tommy and I look forward to training with you all.

My background:

I’ve been a competitive amateur boxer for a good many years, having started at the age 5. This is my favoured ‘go-to’ art but by no means the only one!

I’m also exploring the world of modern Bare-Knuckle Boxing (BKB), looking to have my first official bout in 2018.

Areas that I coach / train in include:

• Savate (Combat, Assaut and Dans La Rue)
• Panantukan (Filipino boxing)
• Jeet Kune Do
• Muay Thai

In my session for Noble Science I’ll be covering a Primer on Savate – exploring semi contact, full contact, historical and self-defence.

Be advised – no one will have to wear the ridiculous unitard…

All you need will be trainers / boxing boots, gloves, and be ready to have some fun.